Integrating Yammer communities in Microsoft Teams

I’m loving the new Yammer app integration in Microsoft Teams. Use the app to highlight Yammer conversation topics that pertain to your team, showcase relevant Yammer communities, and drive employee engagement. The app is fully-functional, enabling users to participate in Yammer conversations without leaving the Teams app. Best of all, the Yammer app leverages the new Yammer user interface!

There are two different ways to integrate Yammer into your Microsoft Teams experience: You can add Yammer to your Teams navigation rail or create a Yammer tab in a team.

Add Yammer to your Teams navigation rail

This option adds a fully-functioning Yammer app to the left-hand navigation menu in Teams:Yammer app in Teams - 09

To add Yammer to your Teams navigation rail:

  1. Go to Microsoft Teams. While on the Teams navigation tab, select the button and select Yammer communities.
    Yammer app in Teams - 01
  2. When the Yammer app appears in your navigation bar, right-click it and select Pin.
    Yammer app in Teams - 02

Add a Yammer tab to your team

This option allows you to add a Yammer tab directly to a Microsoft Teams team. The tab can display a single Yammer community or a Yammer topic. (A Yammer topic is a quick way to tag  your Yammer posts with a common retrieval term. Want a quick way to find all your OneDrive Yammer posts? Just add a #OneDrive topic to each post. You can add topics to your Yammer posts by clicking “add topic” or typing in a hashtag and your topic name.)
Yammer app in Teams - 10

To add a Yammer tab to your team:

  1. Go to Microsoft Teams and navigate to the channel you want to add Yammer to.
  2. Click on the sign next to your channel tabs:
    Yammer app in Teams - 03
  3. Select the Yammer communities box.
    Yammer app in Teams - 04
  4. To add a Yammer community to your team, choose the Yammer Group option, type in a keyword to find your group, select the group, determine whether or not you want to post a message to the channel about this new tab, and click Save.
    Yammer app in Teams - 05
    Your Yammer community will now show up as a tab in your channel:
    Yammer app in Teams - 06
  5. To add a Yammer topic to your team, follow steps 1-3 above. But this time choose the Yammer Topic option, type in the Yammer topic you’d like to use (leaving out the #), determine whether or not you want to post a message about this new tab, and click Save.
    Yammer app in Teams - 07
    All Yammer conversations that include your topic will now display in your new Yammer tab:
    Yammer app in Teams - 08

Things to remember

A few caveats to keep in mind as you work with the Yammer app in Teams:

    • You can’t create new Yammer threads from a Yammer topic tab in Teams. By design, the Yammer topic tabs pull in all Yammer conversations with a given topic tag (regardless of which Yammer community the post is in). While you can respond to any of the Yammer topic conversations shown on your tab, you cannot create a new Yammer topic post from the tab.
    • You can add multiple Yammer tabs to a single team. Want to highlight several Yammer communities or topics in a single team? No worries–just follow the steps outlined above and create several Yammer tabs.

For more information, see Microsoft’s documentation.


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