The top 5 Microsoft Teams features every business user should know

20200713_155334454_iOSIn this week’s episode of the Microsoft 365 Voice, we were asked to share the top 5 Microsoft Teams features every business user should know. We couldn’t stop at 5, so welcome to our top 19 Teams features! A quick list of features discussed is provided below. Watch the episode for more details.

  1. Adding apps (e.g. Yammer) to your Teams navigation rail
  2. Live captioning
  3. Integrating key documents into Teams tabs
  4. Using two Teams instances (Teams application and Teams in your browser) when sharing your screen in meetings
  5. Blurred background
  6. Raise your hand
  7. Teams mobile app
  8. Automated permission enablement of files shared in a private chat
  9. Teams command bar
  10. Ability to share conversation history when you add someone to a chat
  11. Meeting notes & whiteboarding
  12. Transcription of recorded Teams meetings (just let everyone know they’re being recorded!)
  13. Creating a well-designed Team (using tabs, adding quick links to key documents, etc.)
  14. Ability to email a Teams channel
  15. Quickly notify team members of a key channel post by typing @team in your post
  16. Using tags in Microsoft Teams to notify key team members
  17. Using the Files tab in your Teams navigation rail to see recently-edited Microsoft 365 files
  18. Teams camera switching (useful if you have multiple webcams)
  19. Pinning a video during a Teams meeting so you can zoom in on a speaker

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  1. How to teach an elementary student how to use TEAMS when they are visually impaired/blind and can not see the features like microphone or camera? or even just getting into their meetings without assistance from an adult. So many people think that everyone knows what the “function” keys are and how to use them. That is not something that elementary students are taught and especially not at the current time with the Covid virus.

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