How SharePoint Chose Me!

I’m thrilled to welcome (and introduce) a new SharePoint business blogger–Edith Young. Congrats on the new blog, Edith!

Edith Young

I recently read a great blog post by a fellow SharePoint enthusiast titled “How Did SharePoint Choose You?”. Here’s a link to that post:

Because I found it so intriguing, I thought hey, that is a good topic to blog about! So here is what I have to say…

SharePoint does have a way of pulling you in… it’s like a gravitational force that can’t be reckoned with or even stopped. I myself started working with SharePoint in 2007. My initial experience was using it as a document repository, moving files from a shared network drive into a document library. I then moved into how to use metadata effectively… creating columns with the information about what kinds of documents were being housed in the library… then there were views, what if a Project Manager only wanted to see project management documents or a Business Analyst only wanted BA docs…

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  1. Thanks, Sarah! I’m excited to be a new SharePoint blogger and share my experiences, knowledge and lessons learned with fellow SharePoint enthusiasts 🙂

  2. Hey Sarah, nice find; lol. I was actually doing a Google search against my blog when I came across your reference and re-blog of my post

    SharePoint, as I’m sure you already know, can be your best friend or your most annoying acquaintance but at the end of the day SharePoint is a great teacher. When you are fully engaged, there are many lessons that can be learned while on the SharePoint Quest. Thanks for the shout out.

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