SharePoint Fest Chicago is coming soon!

I’m thrilled to be heading to Chicago in September to speak at SharePoint Fest. David Wilhelm and the rest of the leadership team have put together a packed schedule, with 75+ sessions in 10 different tracks. Come to the event to attend sessions on:

  • Enterprise Content management (ECM)
  • Social SharePoint
  • Power Users
  • Workflow
  • Search
  • Business Value
  • Governance, Taxonomy & Architecture
  • Infrastructure & Administration
  • Developer
  • SharePoint 2013

I’ll be attending sessions in several tracks, but am also looking forward to delivering Business Value session #102 – De-mystifying ROI Calculation for SharePoint. Here’s the abstract for my session:

ROI is a “fancy” acronym for Return on Investment. While ROI implies success, it usually involves mysterious mathematical formulas that many people can’t see or understand. So how does an everyday SharePoint business owner tackle the ROI puzzle? Do you just “flip the switch” on your implementation and move on? Or are you so busy with post-launch support that you don’t have time to circle back and quantify your results?

This session will help you demonstrate the business value for your SharePoint implementation. We’ll examine common ROI calculation methodologies while providing strategies for identifying your ROI niche and quantifying the business value of your SharePoint implementation.

The session will set the stage for an interactive discussion about ROI–how it can be measured, standardized and communicated. If you’re interested in seeing the session live, register for SharePoint Fest. Use the Haase discount code to register and you’ll save $100!

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