The Coffee Chat on 365 Adoption (episode 2)


Daniel Glenn and I just released episode 2 in our podcast miniseries The Coffee Chat on 365 Adoption. The miniseries explores the challenge of driving Office 365 adoption at the organizational level. In episode 1, we dispelled the idea that adoption is an urban myth. We explained why the traditional “build it and they will come” IT model doesn’t work and outlined why organizations must invest in user adoption as an ongoing service.

Episode 2 focuses on organizing and facilitating user adoption events. We discuss creative ideas for internal user groups, including virtual or in-person office hours, “lightning round” demos, and hack-a-thons (aka innovation day events). We also discuss the importance of making these events your own by ensuring they reflect your company culture. We hope you enjoy episode 2! And keep an eye out for episode 3 in the coming weeks!

Have a user adoption question you’d like us to answer in a future episode? Tell us about it: https://go.re365.show/CoffeeChatQ

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Participating on episode 21 of Microsoft’s The Intrazone podcast!

I was recently asked to serve on a panel for episode 21 of The Intrazone, Microsoft’s bi-weekly conversation and interview podcast about SharePoint usage and adoption. Hosts Chris McNulty and Mark Kashman recorded the show live at SharePoint Fest Chicago.

The topic for our panel discussion was 2019 predictions for SharePoint. I was asked to represent the user adoption and enterprise governance point of view. Wes Preston outlined his predictions about PowerApps growth, Drew Madelung shared thoughts on OneDrive, and Treb Gatte discussed data visualizations and Power BI.

So what are my top predictions for SharePoint in 2019? Check them out:

  1. User adoption challenges will grow. As organizations realize their users are not homogenous and the traditional methods (e.g. company-wide rollout email communications, “train the trainer” education strategies, instructor-led training classes that focuses on features and not business outcomes) are ineffective, there will be a stronger focus on effective adoption models.
  2. SharePoint hub sites will require enterprise-level governance. Hub sites enable us to bring families of SharePoint sites together with common branding, search, news, and navigation. But hub sites are limited (only 100 hubs allowed per tenant) and site owners may be unsure when and where to use hub sites effectively. I predict many companies will dive headlong into hub sites and later realize that more effective governance of hubs is critical. I recommend creating a hub site governance policy and seeding your organization with strong hub site success stories/examples.

For more on our SharePoint 2019 predictions, check out episode 21 of The Intrazone. And for more on the episode, read Mark Kashman’s blog post.

Thanks to Mark Kashman, Chris McNulty, and their Intrazone team for inviting me to participate. It was a pleasure!

The Coffee Chat on 365 Adoption (episode 1)

I have exciting news to share! Daniel Glenn and I are ready to unveil the first episode in our new podcast miniseries “The coffee chat on 365 adoption!” The podcast enables us to drink coffee and talk about the challenge of driving Office 365 adoption at the organizational level. We recorded the first podcast episode several weeks ago at SharePoint Fest Chicago.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Why organizations have difficulty achieving strong adoption
  • Common adoption pitfalls and roadblocks
  • The challenge of scaling adoption initiatives (moving beyond one-on-one initiatives to impact a broader group of users in your organization)
  • Why adoption should be treated as an ongoing service instead of a one-time project

Daniel and I will keep the user adoption conversation going as we record several additional coffee chats in the coming months. Each episode will focus on a different Office 365 adoption topic. We’ll share successful strategies we’ve seen for hosting adoption events and provide practical tips for supporting the rollout and adoption of key Office 365 applications.

We hope you enjoy this episode. And don’t miss the outtake photos from the podcast recording!