Talking Power Platform with new MVP Heidi Jordan

We’re thrilled to welcome Heidi Jordan to Episode 89 of the Microsoft 365 Voice. Heidi is one of our newest Microsoft MVPs, an advocate for Women in Technology, and a Power Platform superstar!

Topics covered in this episode:

A SharePoint girl in a Power Platform world. Heidi’s evolution from working in the SharePoint space to expanding into Power Platform (Power Apps, Power Platform, etc.)

Leaning into community. History on how Heidi got involved in the community by speaking, blogging, attending events, etc.

Building your personal brand. Heidi shares how she’s identified herself in the SharePoint and Microsoft 365 community, how she evolved the topics and sessions she likes to present on, etc.

Getting started with process automation. Heidi discusses her approach to identifying business process automation needs for the organizations she works with. She recommends breaking down manual processes into the basics of who/what/when/where/why. Once you define the key process needs and validate what’s most important, you can identify the core requirements for your Power Platform solutions.

Taking a visual approach to designing Power Automate workflows. Heidi talks through her process to visually map out business processes using Visio, PowerPoint, etc. Once she drives agreement on the desired flow, it’s easy to ingest that into Power Automate to create workflows.

The importance of change management and adoption. Business process automation requires buy-in from the information workers that are managing the day-to-day processes you’re automating. Building out features, enhancements, and solutions that make life easier for these information workers will lessen their burden and get them excited to work with you. Take the time to ask them for their wish list items – it’s worth it!

Break your large processes down into smaller chunks. Heidi discusses how she breaks down work processes into smaller Power Automate workflows.

A big thank you to Heidi for joining us. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did!

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