How do you use Microsoft 365?

A couple of weeks ago, Antonio Maio, Mike Maadarani, and I recorded two live episodes of the M365 Voice while in Las Vegas for the Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference. We brought in a series of friends and fellow speakers to guest-star, focusing each of the episodes on a single question.

Question 1: What is your opinion of Inbox Zero? Is it achievable or just a load of bunk?

Question 2: Which M365 app do you start your workday in?

Here’s how it worked
Antonio, Mike, and I tackled each question first. Then we brought in fellow speakers one at a time, asking them the question and getting their thoughts.

There are always “teams”

If you’ve watched some of our previous episodes, you know we love to team up and compete to see which podcaster wins. As you listen in on these episodes, let us know if you’re aligned with #TeamMike, #TeamSarah, or #TeamAntonio.

A big THANK YOU to our special guests

These episodes wouldn’t have been possible without David Drever, Heidi Jordan, Drew Madelung, Daniel Glenn, and Pete Simpkins. Thank you for taking the journey with us!

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