SharePoint Conference North America

After a 4-year hiatus, we’re going to have another Microsoft-produced SharePoint Conference! SharePoint Conference North America will be held May 21-23, 2018 in Las Vegas, NV.

The conference will include 150+ sessions from Microsoft staffers and community experts, including a keynote by Jeff Teper (Microsoft Corporate Vice President for Office, OneDrive and SharePoint). It is THE opportunity to hear the latest in SharePoint feature updates and learn more about the SharePoint roadmap.

I’ll be delivering two sessions at the conference–one on user adoption and another on reclaiming overgrown SharePoint implementations. My full session abstracts are listed below, along with a video promo for the event. For a list of all SharePoint Conference North America sessions, visit the conference web site.

I’m looking forward to BEING THERE for @SPCONF. Hope to see you there as well!

Want to save $50 on your SharePoint Conference North America registration fee? Use the discount code HAASE when you register for the conference.


My SharePoint Conference North America sessions:

  • Cowboys versus Ninjas: The key to understanding your SharePoint users
    Every company (and every SharePoint and Office 365 implementation) is unique. We have different visions of success, a diverse set of desired outcomes, unique business goals and a dizzying array of governance policies. But our SharePoint users are much more alike than we realize. In this session, we’ll define the six key characters that can make (or break) your SharePoint or Office 365 implementation. You’ll learn how to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your users, understand what’s driving them and build methodologies to engage, challenge and ultimately channel your users to drive success.
  • Reclaiming SharePoint: How to reel in an overgrown implementation
    SharePoint is organic. File-based SharePoint sites grow exponentially, consuming more and more storage space and making it difficult for users to find what they need. Governance plans designed to steer SharePoint’s utilization tarnish over time, discouraging users from adopting the platform. This session outlines the reasons why SharePoint environments become overgrown and under-utilized and provides practical guidance on how you can assess your implementation and create a revitalization plan. We’ll also review several real-world SharePoint turnaround stories, highlighting the challenges faced and the methods taken to revive user adoption. Whether you have a “green-field” implementation with no formal governance in place or have a faded governance model that is no longer working, you’ll leave this session with proven techniques for engaging your key constituents and driving change.


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