The Rise of the Ninjas

This week, I delivered a half-day user adoption workshop at SharePoint Fest Chicago 2017. The workshop, titled “The rise of the ninjas: A unique methodology for driving SharePoint user adoption,” explains how to plan for an effective SharePoint/Office 365 adoption campaign and how to reclaim an existing implementation that has failed to gain traction with your user base.

The workshop introduced why SharePoint/Office 365 user adoption is a wicked problem, outlined two examples of how companies that “got it wrong” were able to build a turnaround strategy, and provided practical tips for driving adoption wins. The workshop also highlighted several key tenets of effective user adoption:

For more information, feel free to check out the session slides.

Workshop Abstract:

The rise of the ninjas: A unique methodology for driving SharePoint user adoption
This half-day workshop discusses the “chaos-to-clarity” journey many organizations take on their path to a successful SharePoint implementation. We will look at common training, governance and user adoption pitfalls, provide recommendations for framing a successful SharePoint Center of Excellence (COE) and give you practical tips for building an internal user community of SharePoint ninjas. These strategies can change the course of your SharePoint implementation and catapult you from being “just another file repository” to being the premier workflow automation tool people want to use. 

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