SharePoint Fest Chicago (December 5-8, 2017)

I’m excited to close out 2017 with a trip to Chicago for SharePoint Fest December 5th-8th. I’ll be presenting a half-day user adoption workshop along with sessions on business process automation and ROI.

SharePoint Fest Chicago is always a great event–particularly if you’re able to attend the 2 days of pre-conference workshops early in the week. There’s a mix of technical how-to sessions for SharePoint/Office 365 information workers, IT Pros and Developers and conceptual sessions on user adoption, governance, business valuation, search, content management, etc. If you haven’t registered for the conference yet, use my speaker code Haase100 to save $100 on the conference fee.


Abstracts for SELRES_beaba191-bd19-45ed-80b2-9db895d9a169my SELRES_beaba191-bd19-45ed-80b2-9db895d9a169SharePoint Fest Chicago workshop and sessions:

  • The rise of the ninjas: A unique methodology for driving SharePoint user adoption
    This half-day workshop discusses the “chaos-to-clarity” journey many organizations take on their path to a successful SharePoint implementation. We will look at common training, governance and user adoption pitfalls, provide recommendations for framing a successful SharePoint Center of Excellence (COE) and give you practical tips for building an internal user community of SharePoint ninjas. These strategies can change the course of your SharePoint implementation and catapult you from being “just another file repository” to being the premier workflow automation tool people want to use. For more info on this workshop, check out my workshop preview video.
  • Escaping the land of confusion: How to create effective business process solutions in SharePoint
    Are you caught in an infinite loop of overgrown, outdated processes? Are your end-users stuck in a rut, copying data between an endless string of Excel spreadsheets? If so, this is the conference session for you! We’ll explore common process engineering methodologies, outline the “universal truths” that will help you relate to your business users and expose the “forgotten layer of content management” that exists at most organizations. Then it’s GO TIME! We’ll outline a formula for finding your alpha project, provide a streamlined storyboarding/requirements gathering process and show you how to incorporate ROI valuations into your project timeline. You will leave this session with a “couch-to-success” plan for building effective business process solutions.
  • De-Mystifying ROI calculation for SharePoint
    ROI is a “fancy” acronym for Return on Investment. While ROI implies success, it usually involves mysterious mathematical formulas that many people can’t see or understand. So how does an everyday SharePoint business owner tackle the ROI puzzle? Do you just “flip the switch” on your implementation and move on? Or are you so busy with post-launch support that you don’t have time to circle back and quantify your results? This session will help you demonstrate the business value for your SharePoint implementation. We’ll examine common ROI calculation methodologies while providing strategies for identifying your ROI niche and quantifying the business value of your SharePoint implementation.

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