Understanding user adoption in 3 minutes or less…

Michael Sampson recently published the blog post: What’s the Key to Successful Adoption of “Social Business”? With a title like this, you’d expect to see a 10-page narrative outlining all the key reasons why social is critical to your business’ success. The narrative may include all the key decision factors for going social but wouldn’t provide details on how to get there.

Michael’s approach was shorter (and more effective). Rather than diving into the conceptual, he provided a video clip from the recent Unified Communications Expo. The video combines clips from six user adoption experts, providing a 3-minute summary of user adoption strategies. Some of the salient recommendations include:

  • Design your approach to meet and solve real business problems. Don’t build a platform just to build a platform.
  • Please your customers. Please your customers. Please your customers.
  • Embed social into your internal business processes. (aka align social to the way your users work)

Take a look:



Michael has an excellent book (referenced during the video clip) that summarizes collaboration user adoption strategies. An updated version of this book is due out in 2012. Stay tuned to Michael’s web site for more information.

One comment

  1. Thanks Sarah. Just to be clear, the video is not of my doing. I linked to it, but had no input into its design/envisioning.

    Glad it resonated with you.

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