Microsoft Ignite 2021 – Battling fear, uncertainty, and doubt in the workplace

I believe #SharingIsCaring. The more we share about ourselves (our perspective, our ideas, and our unique stories), the stronger we become. I’m thrilled to share my ideas on battling fear, uncertainty, and doubt in the workplace at a Microsoft Ignite Humans of IT session this November.

Why this topic? Workplace fears and feelings of uncertainty, doubt, and imposter syndrome are endemic in the IT industry. These doubts and fears hold us back, keep us on mute during critical meetings & discussions, and lead to negative self-dialogue. During this 30-minute Ignite session, I’ll share:

  • Why empathy is important
  • How we get stuck in a loop of uncertainty and doubt
  • Why so many of us experience imposter syndrome
  • What practical tools we can use to overcome our fears
  • How we can build a community of support

What is Humans of IT? Microsoft created the Humans of IT community to engage and empower technologists to find their tech superpowers through mentoring, shared stories of struggle and growth, and testimonials. If you’re not already a member of the community, I encourage you to learn more. And if you haven’t attended a Humans of IT session at Microsoft Ignite before, it’s time to jump in. The sessions provide an inspiring look at the people in our IT community and the real-life opportunities and challenges they have.

Join me. Microsoft Ignite is being held virtually November 2-4, 2021. Space for this session is limited, so reserve your seat now.

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