A conversation about OneNote

In Episode 57 of the Microsoft 365 Voice, Antonio, Mike, and I discuss (and debate) how we use and organize our OneNote notebooks. This was an interesting conversation…and it came with clear differences in how #TeamMike, #TeamSarah, and #TeamAntonio work.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Methods for organizing OneNote notebooks:
    • Using a single shared notebook for each client or project we’re engaged in
    • Moving older notes to an “archive” notebook
    • Using OneNote sections, pages, and notebooks to sort & distinguish content
  • Methods for finding content in our OneNote notebooks:
    • Building out an information architecture & organizational system (#TeamMike)
    • Using search to find content across our notebooks (#TeamSarah)
  • Trends we see:
    • Each of us have 15-20 work notebooks we access regularly
    • We all have different methodologies for creating and storing shared OneNote notebooks
    • We regularly see users bypass email retention limits by saving emails to OneNote
    • We use OneNote differently at home than at work…

Have a Microsoft 365 question? Submit it online! Your question may be featured in a future podcast episode.

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