Microsoft 365 Information Architecture governance

How does your organization manage the creation of new SharePoint sites, Microsoft Teams teams, Yammer communities, etc. in Microsoft 365?

Is it better to centrally control the creation of new sites, teams, and communities or should you enable your users to create new groups themselves?

What (if any) governance controls do you need to put in place? How much control should you give your end-users?

How do you balance governance versus usability?

Do you have enough staff to support a centralized model for creation of new Microsoft 365 groups?

Episode 56 of the Microsoft 365 Voice focuses on Microsoft 365 governance and information architecture. We discuss the continuum of self-service versus centralized group creation and highlight key drivers companies should consider when defining their governance controls. Key themes we discuss in this episode:

  • Finding the balance between user enablement and governance controls
  • Defining the legal and regulatory requirements that drive your governance policies
  • Determining the level of trust you have in your end-users
  • Balancing the desire for centralized group creation against the staffing needs this type of policy requires
  • Determining how and when to govern group creation (e.g. requiring pre-approval before group creation versus requiring registration after group creation)
  • Understanding why you want (or need) governance controls

Have a Microsoft 365 question? Submit it online! Your question may be featured in a future podcast episode.

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