Would you ever use SharePoint Online without Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams has become the primary solution for collaboration amongst work teams. In Episode 49 of the Microsoft 365 Voice, we discuss whether we’d use SharePoint without Microsoft Teams.

Of course, Microsoft Teams relies heavily on SharePoint Online for its file storage and document library controls. But SharePoint has several key advantages that keep it a frontrunner in the collaboration space:

  • SharePoint team sites & Communication sites are still important. SharePoint is a great solution for publishing content to a large group of people for ongoing consumption (e.g. news sites, intranet sites, etc.). Audience targeting enriches these publishing capabilities, enabling discreet data dissemination to the right people at the right time.
  • SharePoint home sites drive utilization of key new features like the SharePoint App Bar, global navigation, etc. Failing to take advantage of SharePoint will limit your navigation opportunities within Microsoft 365 as a whole (including Microsoft Teams).
  • SharePoint news is a critical component of your organizational content. Even if everyone in your organization is using Microsoft Teams, the ability to publish and manage dissemination of news via SharePoint is vital. SharePoint news enables cross-publishing across Microsoft 365, integrates page and Yammer comments, etc.
  • SharePoint Syntex integration for document understanding & forms processing. As we’ve discussed in previous episodes, SharePoint Syntex deploys models to your document libraries. These models leverage machine-learning and AI to analyze, route, and tag documents and forms.

We hope you enjoy the episode!

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