What is the difference between SharePoint home sites and hubs?

This episode of the Microsoft 365 Voice is all about SharePoint home sites and hubs. Key topics discussed include:

  • What are home sites and hubs? And how do they differ?
  • How many home sites and hubs can you have in your Microsoft 365 tenant?
  • How do you get started with home sites and hubs?
  • How are home sites and hubs created?
  • Can a hub be a home site?
  • Will hubs be included in SharePoint Server 2019?
  • Tips for using hubs, including “sticky” hub site branding.

Correction: During the episode, we said we weren’t sure whether admins could remove a home site once it was defined in their tenant. A huge thank you to Microsoft for clarifying – you can use the Remove-SPOHomeSite PowerShell command to remove a home site.

Enjoy the episode!

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  1. As an ex-Librarian I love talking about Hub-sites and IA as well. We are considering moving to Modern (or at least I woud love to move to Modern) but the IA piece requires a lot of consideration! We are also a large organisation and have struggled with how to make content easily accessible to different offices e.g. I work in Germany and therefore want to see German HR content in the first instance not London HR content. Think Hubsites will help us achieve this.

  2. As an ex-Librarian I love talking about IA and Hub sites. Really hoping Hub sites will help us address our IA issues with providing access to content for other offices in the first instance.

  3. Hi Sarah,

    In this episode, you mention that a hub site can be a home site; however a hub site cannot be associated with another hub site. In a tenant with many hub sites, can a home site be connected/associated with all of the hub sites? Or would that home site be the only hub site in the tenant? Thanks!

    1. Hi Cheryl – You can only associate a site to one hub at a time, so a home site cannot be associated to multiple hubs. I do recommend considering your hubs as you plan the information architecture for your home site, however. You may want to create a navigation experience on your home site that links users to your various hubs, for example.

      1. Thanks, Sarah! That makes sense. To clarify though, a home site’s navigation won’t carry over onto the hubs though – so if I were on HR’s hub site, I wouldn’t easily be able to get to ITs hub site? I’d had to go back to the home site for that, right?

      2. If you want an easy way to move from hub to hub, try adding hub site navigation links to each of your hub site nav bars. And remember the SharePoint App Bar is on the roadmap now with delivery in March. The app bar will give you another great way to manage your information architecture with quick links.

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