How do I disable the Edit link on my SharePoint 2013 pages?

Did you know that granting your end-users Contribute level access in SharePoint 2013 enables them to edit wiki and web part pages across your site (including your site’s home page)?

Site pages are stored in the Site Pages library by default. Since this library automatically inherits its permissions from the site, anyone with read/write access to the site also has read/write access to all site pages. Users with read/write access will see the Edit link shown below whenever they navigate to a site page.


So how do you grant your users Contribute (aka read/write) access to your site and ensure they don’t get an Edit link on site pages? You change the permissions for your Site Pages library. If you grant users Contribute access to your site but read-only permissions to your Site Pages library, they will be able to view all your site pages but not edit them.

Here are the steps to modify the permissions for your Site Pages library:

  1. Go to your site.
  2. Click on Gear > Site contents.
  3. Find and click on your Site Pages library.
  4. Click on the Library tab and then click on the Library Settings button.
  5. Click on the Permissions for this document library link.
  6. Click on the Stop Inheriting Permissions button on the page’s toolbar.
  7. Say OK to confirm you want to customize the permissions for this library.
  8. Modify the library’s permissions as desired.

TIP: Make sure you give users read access to your Site Pages library. This will ensure they can see and access your site’s home page.



  1. I always recommend doing the opposite. We recommend our users apply Read access at the site level and then break the inheritance to the libraries/lists that they need to have different permissions to.

    Too often we have problems with admins breaking the inheritance on the Site Pages library and then later when they’re adding new users, they always forget to set the permissions to the Site Pages library. Then when they tell their new users to access the site, they get the access denied message because they don’t have access to the home page.

    Giving read access to all your users at the site level without breaking inheritance makes it easier to ensure they always get the read content, but then just have to modify the Write content when needed.

    Either way works, but we’ve had more support tickets from users breaking inheritance on the Site Pages library than any other area for permissions.

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