Don’t forget to SHARE!

In my last post, I talked about the road to becoming a SharePoint speaker. As SharePoint’s popularity continues to grow, the number and variety of SharePoint user groups, events and conferences has exploded. Whether you’re an IT Pro, a SharePoint developer or an end-user focused on business process automation, there’s a SharePoint event designed for you. The key (and the challenge) is finding the events and conferences that fit your niche.

My niche is leveraging SharePoint to drive business value. From business process re-engineering solutions to studying the latest trends in user adoption and governance, my focus is on business engagement. One of the reasons I love attending SHARE conferences is their dedication to building events exclusively for business users like me. With focus areas like change management, training/resource management, information architecture, workflows & business process automation and social business, these events are dedicated to helping users design and build a business case/roadmap for SharePoint success.

This year I’m speaking at two SHARE events–SHARE Johannesburg in March and SHARE Atlanta in April. I’ll be delivering the following four sessions over the course of both conferences:

  • Escaping the land of confusion: How to create effective business process solutions in SharePoint
  • In search of the SharePoint tipping point
  • De-Mystifying ROI calculation for SharePoint
  • SharePoint doesn’t have to be hard: Setting the stage for SHARE success

The recurring theme through all of these sessions is Do something. Don’t sit back waiting for someone to give you permission to try something new. If you have an idea, go after it. The mere act of starting something increases your chances of being successful. For more on this “do something” theme, check out Seth Godin’s blog post “Reject the tyranny of being picked: pick yourself.”

And if you’re a SharePoint business user, don’t miss your chance to register for a SHARE conference near you. I look forward to seeing you there!


  1. Sarah – You are so right. SharePoint, like the world, is HUGE. People that do SharePoint should have an overall understanding and a particular focus. Think of it like college and getting a degree in the Liberial Arts. Degree holders are expected to have a general understanding of the world with a particular focus in one area.

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