Upcoming webinar: Cowboys vs. Ninjas

I’m excited to announce my upcoming VisualSP webinar, Cowboys vs. Ninjas: The key to understanding your SharePoint users. This 1-hour webinar will break down the 6 key characters that can make or break your chances of driving successful adoption of SharePoint and Office 365. We’ll talk about what drives each character, learn their strengths and weaknesses and determine how you can best engage them to achieve your vision. We’ll also talk about the science behind user adoption, from Everett Rogers’ classic diffusion model to understanding how The Law of the Few can drive momentum. See you there!

When: October 4, 2017 from 11-12:15pm CDT
Registration: https://hubs.ly/H08Hlzz0
Cost: FREE

Full abstract:

Every company (and every SharePoint and Office 365 implementation) is unique. We have different visions of success, a diverse set of desired outcomes, unique business goals and a dizzying array of governance policies. But our SharePoint users are much more alike than we realize.

In this webinar, we will define the six key characters that can make (or break) your SharePoint or Office 365 implementation. You will learn how to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your users, understand what’s driving them and build methodologies to engage, challenge and ultimately channel your users to drive success.

VisualSP Webinar: When cookie-cutter user adoption doesn’t cut it

I’ll be presenting a free user adoption webinar for VisualSP on May 12, 2016. The webinar explains the science behind user adoption failures and offers practical tips for examining how your users, your culture and your Collaboration goals impact your success. You’ll leave the session with a framework you can use to build a custom user adoption framework for your organization.  Interested in attending? Click here to register.


Webinar recording: Creating effective business process solutions

The recording of my November 2015 webinar on usage of SharePoint as a business automation platform is available! If you are a VisualSP subscriber, you can view the recording at http://sharepoint-videos.com/module-1/escaping-the-land-of-confusion-how-to-create-effective-business-process-solutions-in-sharepoint/. (For more information on VisualSP’s content and subscription model, visit http://sharepoint-videos.com/subscribe/ )

In the webinar, I summarize the business process challenges we all face, identify the forgotten layer of content management in our organizations, explain how I built a successful SharePoint automation practice with an annual ROI of $550,000+ and provide a roadmap to get you started on your business automation journey. You’ll learn how to design solutions for voluntary and involuntary users, how to find that ever-important first project and how to effectively gather requirements for your new business automation solutions.

Session abstract:

Are you caught in an infinite loop of overgrown, outdated processes? Are your end-users stuck in a rut, copying data between an endless string of Excel spreadsheets? If so, this is the conference session for you! We’ll explore common process engineering methodologies, outline the “universal truths” that will help you relate to your business users and expose the “forgotten layer of content management” that exists at most organizations.

Then it’s GO TIME! We’ll outline a formula for finding your alpha project, provide a streamlined storyboarding/requirements gathering process and show you how to incorporate ROI valuations into your project timeline. You will leave this session with a “couch-to-success” plan for building effective business process solutions.