How do you manage your content lifecycle from Microsoft Teams to your Intranet?

In this episode of the Microsoft 365 Voice podcast, we answered a listener question about how files authored in Microsoft Teams could be shared organization-wide quickly and easily. The listener is leveraging Microsoft Teams and SharePoint in a mid to large-sized organization. They have content that is created in a departmental Microsoft Teams team, but later needs to be published to the intranet or a SharePoint Communications site so all employees can see it. During this episode, we provide best-practice recommendations for publishing content from Microsoft Teams to SharePoint. Enjoy!

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  1. In our previous SP2010 intranet, documents where created in Word documents then converted to PDF for publishing. Would you say it’s a bad practices (2 documents created)?

    From my understanding of your suggestion, you create a document in Teams, approve it in the teams, then “move it” to the Communications sites. If you have to make other ajustment, you take the version from the Communication sites and start a new iteration in Teams?

    1. Having a PDF copy of a file for publishing makes sense; I would simply consider those 2 files as a unit (one master file and then a PDF for publishing).

      I would recommend drawing out a process flow for how you’d handle document revisions if docs were authored in Teams and then “published” to a Communications site. You would define for your org what constitutes a minor change or a major change (and therefore what results in a simple file update versus creation of a whole new document). The right answer for you will largely depend on your organization’s use cases and publishing preferences.

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