Are metadata, content types, and taxonomy still relevant in SharePoint Online?

I have a big announcement to share today….I’m joining Antonio Maio and Mike Maadarani as a member of the Microsoft 365 Voice podcast!

The M365 Voice podcast provides product news and best-practices for Microsoft 365, including Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobile Security (EMS). Antonio and Mike launched M365 Voice earlier this year, and have already hosted podcast episodes on Microsoft Search, Project Cortex, and Microsoft Teams private channels.

I joined the M365 Voice in April 2020, and am bringing with me a new Q&A format for some of our upcoming episodes. Each Q&A episode will feature a Microsoft 365 question pulled at random from our “question jar.” The questions will be fielded from all of you, and our responses are unplanned. You’ll be getting our collective (and immediate) wisdom recorded live on each podcast episode!

Check out my first episode below, where we answer the question “Are metadata, content types, and taxonomy still relevant in SharePoint Online?

Want to submit a question to the M365 Voice? Your question may make it on a future podcast episode!

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