The Coffee Chat on 365 Adoption (episode 7)


Daniel Glenn and I recorded episode 7 of our podcast The Coffee Chat on 365 Adoption last week at SharePoint Fest Chicago. In this episode, we talk about how user self-service impacts adoption. Listen in to learn how governance and the amount of time taken to fulfill user requests for SharePoint sites, Office 365 groups, and Yammer communities impacts Office 365 usability.

We hope you enjoy episode 7!

About the podcast:
The Coffee Chat on 365 Adoption explores the challenge of driving Office 365 adoption at the organizational level. In episode 1, we dispelled the idea that adoption is an urban myth. We explained why the traditional “build it and they will come” IT model doesn’t work and outlined why organizations must invest in user adoption as an ongoing service.

Episode 2 focused on organizing and facilitating user adoption events. We shared creative ideas for hosting internal user group events, including virtual or in-person office hours, “lightning round” demos, and hack-a-thons (aka innovation day events). We also discussed the importance of making these events your own by tying them to your company culture.

Episode 3 focuses on strategies for building user adoption campaigns to support Office 365 product rollouts. We discuss how user personas can help you identify product use cases and key product features, share practical ideas for generating user excitement, and talk about the importance of running Office 365 pilot programs to road-test your communications and training plans.

Episode 4 is our listener Q&A session, where we answer questions like:

  • How do I work with (or around) executives that don’t support our SharePoint/Office 365 efforts?
  • How do I build a user adoption strategy when my own leader doesn’t want to support it as an ongoing service offering?
  • How can we encourage geographically-dispersed staff to engage in local Office 365 community events?

In episode 5, we confirmed and debunked common Office 365 user adoption myths. Check out the episode to learn our thoughts on myths like:

  • “We hire smart people. They’ll figure out how to use Office 365 for themselves.”
  • “If you build it, they will come.”
  • “Clicks (or volume) equals value.”
  • “Once that killer feature is here, the tools will sell themselves.”
  • “Voluntold champions will drive usage and adoption.”
  • “Organic adoption is the best!”

In episode 6, we discuss the role a village plays in an organization’s Office 365 adoption journey.

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