Kurt Vonnegut and the art of the fairy tale

This blog post goes to the heart of understanding people–how they think, how they react, etc. Understanding story arcs and their impact on people’s perceptions of life and work can make you a better SharePoint practitioner, wiki enabler and knowledge management evangelist.

Life is dramatic. But for most of us, the drama is short-lived, scattered among long periods of relative normalcy. We go through life fairly content, with blips of extreme happiness and sorrow.

Ever know anyone, though, that had an extra helping of drama? You know, the folks that have more hills to climb, more drawbacks to overcome, etc.? Kurt Vonnegut explains that this “flair for the dramatic” may be caused by those seemingly innocuous fairy tales we’re exposed to from infancy on. It’s the dark side of the Cinderella story arc.

Here’s an interesting recap of the Cinderella drama story – http://sivers.org/drama

And here’s a clip of Kurt explaining the 3 basic story arcs that underlie our expectations for life, love and happiness:

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