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I need some ROI…but I have no idea where to begin!

I’m creating/delivering a new presentation at SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities this weekend. It’s all about ROI. What it is, where companies go wrong in their quest to find it and how individuals can get a jump-start on quantifying it.

I’m passionate about ROI. It’s a game-changer. It’s the final step that many people forget to take after implementing a successful solution. But pulling together my thoughts on ROI and how to get started finding it in your SharePoint implementation has been tough. After spending a few frustrating hours trying to force the issue, I took a step back. That’s when I realized what I had missed. This focus on ROI has nothing to do with SharePoint. Rather, it has to do with successful product and project implementation–regardless of the platform you are using.

After resetting my context, I broke my session down into 3 basic parts–what is ROI, methodolgies/units of measure for tracking it and how to get started quantifying it. Once we have this base in place, we’ll look at how companies currently measure SharePoint ROI and compare that to how they could/should measure their ROI.  We’ll examine the costs of not focusing on ROI and take a look at industry trends around BPM and ROI.

Then we’ll move on to examining the types of ROI that can be tracked and look at real-world examples of each. Along the way, we’ll discuss calculation formulas, review minimum requirements for quantifying ROI and lay out a roadmap of how to get started on your ROI journey.

This could be a 2-day course. And I’m delivering an overview of it in 75 minutes. Strap yourselves in, folks!

Update (Sept. 7, 2011) – I’ve updated this presentation. Get a copy on SlideShare at

SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities is coming up!

Life is incredibly busy right now….not in small part because SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities is only 3.5 weeks away! This is the third SharePoint Saturday event I’ve helped organize, and I’m always amazed at how fulfilling the work is. Getting the opportunity to partner with GREAT team members to pull the event together, syncing up with sponsors and ensuring there’s enough donuts and Mt. Dew to go around…it’s all a learning experience.

While we had SharePoint Camps in place before we started holding SharePoint Saturdays, we’re really learning what it means to offer quality training to SharePoint end-users. Our last SharePoint Saturday event (held in October 2010) featured our first “Information Worker” track. It proved to be the most popular track of the day–garnering a whole new audience that hadn’t attended previous SharePoint Camp events. We’re continuing the trend with our April 9th SharePoint Saturday event. Look at the lineup of topics for Information Workers:

  • Social Team Sites – The Why and the How
  • Governance for the Enterprise
  • I need some ROI….but I have no idea where to begin!
  • Leveraging SharePoint for Social Media behind the Firewall

And we’re just getting started. We’re also featuring sessions on building solutions with BCS, “caching-in” for SharePoint performance, best practices for cloud deployments, data recovery and legal discovery w/SharePoint, mastering the master page, and using SilverLight and PowerShell. Add in a couple of half-day sessions on learning to crawl/walk/run with SharePoint and managing your upgrade and you have a fantastic day of learning!

It’s all kicking off at 8:30 AM on Saturday, April 9th at Normandale Community College. For more information, a copy of the day’s schedule and registration information, see our website –

Want to learn more about what a SharePoint Saturday event is like? Take a look at videos from our last event:

And remember….there’s still time to register for the April event!